In the Parish


Join us for five days of training for parish and family life.

Phoenix AZ | December 30, 2019 – January 3, 2020


Do you want to see your family, parish or diocese on fire with the Catholic faith? Do you want to be able to confidently share the good news, no matter where Christ calls you to go?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lay parishioner, a parish staff member, a diocesan leader or the shepherd of your local flock. SLS20 is a five-day leadership event that welcomes any Catholic who wants to share the Truth of Christ and be an authentic missionary disciple in today’s world.

Step away from your weekly routine and enter a place where you can delve deep into the what and how of making missionary disciples in your parish. Hear from the best Catholic speakers of our time and join thousands of Catholics in prayer and fellowship. Learn the skills for building a culture of accompaniment in your parish — skills that you can put into practice right from the moment you return home.

Making Missionary Disciples Track

NEW at SLS20! On the Making Missionary Disciples Track, you’ll delve deep into the vision of missionary discipleship with FOCUS leaders and other catechetical and evangelization experts from across the country, who’ll share the practical tools and tips you need to help you form missionary disciples in your family, parish and community.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the Making Missionary Disciples Track:

  • How to share the Gospel in a secular age

  • The real art of accompaniment

  • How discipleship impacts various ministries: marriage prep, RCIA, sacramental prep, youth and young adult, small groups

  • The power of your testimony

  • Five keys to launching an evangelization team

  • Personal enrichment for your own prayer, vocation and ministry

  • And more! 

SLS taught me the tools I really desired to learn so that I can take them to my parish at home.